About Midsupport

“Where’s there’s will, there’s a way”

Maitland Independent Disability Support delivers innovative support services which provide opportunities for people with a disability to achieve social inclusion and independence.

Midsupport is committed to providing a high standard of service to assist people with a disability to achieve their personal goals and to live as independently as they can.

We are an NDIS Registered Provider.

Vision Statement:

Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life without judgment or restriction.


Committed to being a leader in service standards to ensure persons with a disability reaches their goals.


Opportunities to improve life choices, independence, living and social skills.


To ensure all participants are treated fairly, equally and without prejudice so that their basic human rights are protected.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

To learn more about our services or to refer yourself or someone you know please contact us.